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The Dental Safari Company is a: Southern Illinois company Serving Southern Illinois children By Southern Illinois Professionals. It is our belief that when you are part of Southern Illinois, as Dental Safari Company is, you really care for its people.

Based in Carbondale, all of our Southern Illinois patients are only minutes away for us. Whether we see you in small groups with our portable equipment on your premises, or we bring our mobile dental trailer on-site for you to be seen, you can take comfort that we will never be too far away.

We take pride in offering a state-of-the-art company staffed with top professionals in their respective fields.

  • Well done. Not as much paper work for me. Liked the fact I didn't worry because of lunch times. Helped put stuff back in order - didn't just walk off. Quicker - more organized. Please come back. Parents loved the return to fix problems.

    -Debbie Rieman
    Nurse Trico Elem.